Underground Nights at Shelter by MERCIJITTER

Music label MERCIJITTER shares a few notes of their trip to Shanghai, illustrated in a short music-video at the heart of Shanghai’s underground electronic music: Shelter “We weren’t able to visit much of Shanghai and it’s surroundings as the weather conditions were quite bad, however THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

Vision, by Andrea Parmelee

Short time-lapse video from Andrea Parmelee for ABP. Rediscover iconic places such as the Bund and Pudong’s world wide famous Pearl tower. Join the Rebellion on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ShanghaiRebellion/ Join the Rebellion on Twitter Tweets by SHrebellion Join the Rebellion on instagram https://www.instagram.com/shanghairebellion/ Submit your work THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

‘Passenger’, meeting with the darkest face of Shanghai by Charlie Watts

’10 days spent in China, shooting mostly from the back of a Car.’ maxbrodie.co.uk/ youtube.com/user/SpokenVerse

Chinese cosplayers take over Shanghai during the Manga Convention, framed by Yimin Liu

Japanese pop culture takes Shanghai by storm with the ‘Shanghai Manga Convention’. Cosplayers from all around China gathered to show their latest creations. Enjoy these Kawai and colorful photographs from Yimin Liu. Will you recognize the manga, video game and film references? Tell us what is your THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

‘Dark Deco’ turns Shanghai into Gotham City, by Amey Kandalgaonkar

Photographer Amey Kandalgaonkar pictures Shanghai’s architecture into a dark-noir series: “Dark Deco” “Shanghai is famous for art deco architecture so being an architecture I find it fascinating,[…] New York has a high density of art deco architecture too and the cities developed around the same THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

3000 Rebels Have Joined The Rebellion! Thank You!

SR REBELS BENEFIT: To celebrate our 3000 followers milestone we offer 30%OFF on the Shanghai Rebellion T-Shirt with the celebration code: “3000”. Just click the link and get yours now http://goo.gl/KoLz2C Photographer: Jun Li This has been an amazing year for Shanghai Rebellion. It is THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

Shanghai Lapse, take a break from the urban jungle

Take a break from the urban jungle with this short music-video time-lapse by Alexandra Locke. A great panoramic view on the Hangpu River, boats and skyline. Music – Shanghai Restoration Project – The Wandering Songstress Join the Rebellion on Instagram