Shanghai Local Scene Is Blooming, We’re Booming

All around us we see exceptional thrilling projects that are worth throwing yourself into: magnetic Hip-Hop duo, eccentric DJ & music producer, inspiring designers & quirky visual artists! [non-exhaustive list] This year we’re going to introduce local talents BECAUSE the world needs to know about of THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

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SR REBELS BENEFIT: To celebrate our 3000 followers milestone we offer 30%OFF on the Shanghai Rebellion T-Shirt with the celebration code: “3000”. Just click the link and get yours now Photographer: Jun Li This has been an amazing year for Shanghai Rebellion. It is THIS SHIT IS ON FIRE!

Top Contributors December 2015

Champagne Photographer: Preeti Ghosh (SR Rebel) Shanghai Syndrome Photographer: Fab L’aventure (SR Rebel) Two sweet lifestyle shot in Shanghai. Worth the trip right? What’s your favorite? #HappyNewYear