10 Reasons Why Shanghai Is The Best Place To Be Right Now

We’re giving out 10 Whys to qualify the city and why we think its the best place to be in 2017. [and beyond]

1) A City of Happening: Yes, its happening right now. Actually tomorrow the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) will be held for the first time in China, and of course it happens in Shanghai! Sorry Beijingers… Shanghai Fashion Week alone is driving more and more people from all around the world to discover China’s upcoming talents. And while Shanghai’s financial center is blooming along the riverside you can discuss the future of Bitcoin at blockchain technology conferences. Yay.

2) A City of Diversity: The whole world is represented in Shanghai. Forget the rusty ‘East meets West’ formula, there’s more than 150,000 foreigners and a ton of different Chinese ethnics. Here’s the corrected formula: East-meets-West-and-South-and-North-and-Martians-would-join-if-they-could.

3) A City of History: so much has happened in this city, and the remains of the past are just waiting to be rediscovered. The Bund area is filled with Heritage architecture treasures, the whole French concession is worth exploring at any time of the year. Talking about History, Pudong is writting a new chapter of epic modernism at Lujiazui.

4) A City of Glamour: honestly, Shanghai during the day is nice, but Shanghai by night is fabulous. You could almost picture it into an elegant and stunning Chinese beauty, embodied by the Shanghai Tower.

5) A City of Angels: and we’re not even talking about Los Angeles. It’s official, Victoria’s Secret first show ever in China just happened this week in Shanghai.

6) A City of Opportunities: ok, you’re here to work, or get wasted, or find love [good luck]. Shanghai has it all, a million chances for 28 millions people.

7) A City of Affordable-Lifestyle: seriously, just take the bus 71 from JingAn to the Bund for 2 RMB. There’s even a hostess to help you put coins in the machine. That’s ridiculous. And unbeatable. Food, transport and culture at your fingertips. You can find a bubble-tea shop at almost every street.

8) A city of Yumminess: forget about foreign fast-food franchises [even though taco bell is tempting] here its China: Shanghainese, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Dongbei, Yunnan, Mongolian, Cantonese: its time to try it all.

9) A city of Art: honestly, there are so many crazy good museums and cultural spots in the city. And it keeps expanding. Big venues to indie pop-up art exhibitions.

10) A city of Rebellion: people in Shanghai are reckless and restless. There is so much happening and we are all here to create the future. This is an exciting time to rebel against everything that’s been done before, to innovate and create a city of the world like no other. #UnbehaveYourself

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