Shanghai, Capital of Fashion, Spreading The Seeds Of Chinese Talent

Fashion has always been part of the city since decades ago. That’s why we call the city “魔都” modu in Chinese,which literately means magical city, a city full of charm and modernity. Shanghai Fashion week has become one the most influential fashion shows in China because of the great success from the past few years. More and more upcoming and talented Chinese designers are being showcased at the show as well many inspiring international designers, you can see them on the runway, at the trade shows and all sorts of fashion week events in Shanghai during fashion week period.

Some celebrities also take this opportunity to kick off their fashion lines as well as many young and aspiring “潮人” chaoren meaning fashionable people, in Chinese from China and fashionistas from all around the world are coming to Shanghai to join this exciting Fashion Party each year.

Victoria’s secret have magnified its crew with Chinese beauties: Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Sui He, a perfect occasion to celebrate Chinese beauty & fashion with the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Show this year in Shanghai.

Today Shanghai is certainly the capital of Fashion in China, and also has become one of the Fashion Capitals in the world.

AWAYLEE – Spring Summer 2018

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