Rooftopping, The Highest Sub-Culture In Shanghai

Rooftopping is clearly becoming a thing since 2014 with the rise of tall buildings (pun intended), especially in Asia. Shanghai is the number 1 destination for rooftoppers, with an infinite amount of places to climb and discover. Some of the shots you are about to see in the video are very reminescent of the iconic Assassin’s Creed franchise, perhaps this would give some inspirations to someone at Ubisoft studios… Those guys, SR Rebels, are bending the rules and taking immense risks, we do not advise you to try or reproduce their work. Credits go to Mark Harrison and his crew for the mad-climb, the breathtaking views and the smart-editing.

Why Rooftopping?
– A great way of seeing the city
– To avoid the tourists and crowds
– Acquire a unique viewpoints that few get to enjoy
– Enjoy the thrill and freedom of being way up high
– The price is right
– The body forced to live presently in that moment
– It’s fun

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