Top 6 Reasons Why Shanghai Rocks You

Top 6 Reasons Why Shanghai Rocks You!

1. The Community
Shanghai is electric, and its always been part of its DNA: locals & internationals. The eccentric Ayis, the tempered taxis, the curious passersby, the party-hard (or role the dice) lamborghinis-fuerdais, and the big expat community.

2. Breath-Taking Architecture
It has to be said, Shanghai has a very wide varieties of architecture styles: whether you like the traditional Shikumen style of TianZiFang or the 20’s Heritage British style of the Bund, or the sharp edge glass monsters of Pudong: you will find more than your eyes can take!

3. All kind of Food
Seriously any kind of food is available: Sweet Shanghai dish, Japanese noodles, Korean bibimbap, European/Asian Fusion, Hong-Kong style curry, Italian pizzas etc… There is a ton of choice, with price ranging from very-affordable to very-not-affordable, check.

4. Convenient Transport
We surely are tempted to blame them for their occasional temper but taxis in Shanghai do the job well. They’ll get you pretty much all around the city for a couple of RMB. There’s also the traditional metro and bus combo.

5. Art
Occasional mindfuck at Modern Power Station of Art; shockingly well-designed ancient porcelains of the Shanghai Museum; fresh contemporary & digital arts of M50. Beware the gigantic Tyrannosaurus of the Natural museum…

6. Endless Nightlife
High-end rooftops of the bund, underground clubs and bars of the French concession, hidden treasures are all around the city. Just know that you can also live during the day.

And you what is your top 6? Please share with us what we’ve missed in the comment section below. #UnbehaveYourself
PS: if you disagree with this top 6 it’s alright. We like people who disagree.

Now, why don’t you have a stroll in the city with your lover
Or a New Pengyou?

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