Shanghai Is Not Just A City Of Dream, It Is A City Of True Happening

It is easy to get caught in the incredibly fast-pace of Shanghai. Sometimes if you may, take the time to wander the streets, on the way home, or the way to work, to look around, to take a different path. To truly enjoy the present moment.

Shanghai growth is driven by massive financial investments but not only. Massive dreams. Chinese people are dreamers, and every single one carries his or her own ambitions. They embrace the present moment with constant endeavor to become better. This pace of change goes beyond anything you have seen before and may see in the future. Seeing a city change that fast is a shock.

Yes Shanghai is a city of dream, but before all: a city of true happening. Chinese officials are making tremendous effort to make Shanghai a better capital of the world. New rules, more safety, less pollution. The Shanghai Tower is the quintessential representation of these characteristic Dream & Happening. Not only it represents the glamorous and elegant personality of Shanghai, but also the dedication & passion, planning and business appeal of the city.

One day soon Shanghai will be the new landmark of modern cities, with its own set of well defined rules, behaviors, areas. Right now, all of these are changing at an insane speed: so do more than just enjoying the change. BE PART OF IT. You can also make the difference. Follow your guts, #UnbehaveYourself, become a curious minded SR Rebel.

Join the Rebellion.

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