Faster Than Light, Shanghai Won’t Be Next New York, It Will Be More

More and more foreigners are getting attracted by this city, often we start hearing conversations about how Shanghai might become Asia’s New York.

Unfortunately, it will not. Shanghai is far from becoming New York, simply because both cities have different stories, different cultural background, and different relationship with the world. Above that you can add the fact that Shanghai is connected and disconnected from the West due to its location, whatever China tries: Shanghai will remain Chinese.

However people point at something right, the extreme fast development of the city triggers hopes that go far beyond what the city can achieve at the time we speak, yet people dream of it. New buildings popping like mushrooms, everywhere new boutiques, new shopping malls, whole new areas to discover, all of this tells a lot about the investment going in the city infrastructures and hungry ambition of Shanghai municipality. But is that sufficient to make Shanghai a cultural, artistic, business and financial world center?

Most recently we have seen artists coming to Shanghai for their first CHINA TOUR, or first live date in Shanghai. Shanghai is attracting artists and businesses from all around the world for one reason: there is money. Yes these people may love it once they step in. Business and money drags a lot of attention from overseas, it is great for a city on its way to becoming a leading city in the world.

Shanghai is opening new doors and new opportunities, some American people told me “Today’s American dream is Shanghai”, making a connection with what the US was between the 80’s and 90’s, where people were helping each others to achieve their goal and move on projects to projects without fear of whatever the outcome would be. Shanghai is daring and makes people in Shanghai more daring.

International brands are trying to expand their universe in Shanghai with whole new concepts that they would never try in the west just because Shanghai allows it. Something is in the air: people on one side say its pollution, people on the other say its ambition. Shanghai is electric, it pushes people to try, it pushes companies to dare, it pushes the world to move forward as fast as it can, and this might be where Shanghai holds some similarities with New York.

Might Shanghai become the next New York? No, but not so far from achieving something that goes beyond what the world had expected it to be. China pushes very hard to turn Shanghai into a world center, at the crossroad of the West and the East. People make the change and we believe that everyday you make it. You make the change by spreading positive energies, you make the change by daring and trying new things.

The world evolves, and Shanghai is making its way to becoming the leading city of world, a sort of New York 2.0, and you don’t wanna miss the coach so call your friends over so they don’t miss the journey! See the world through your own new eyes #UnbehaveYourself

What are your thoughts about the growth of Shanghai? Do you agree disagree? Share with us your own thinking in the comments section below.

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