Discover Shanghai in the 1920-1930, captured in black & white photographs and postal cards

Shanghai Rebellion invites you to rediscover the city in the middle of the twenties and thirties. These black & white photographs and postal card, remind us the importance of the incredible cultural heritage of Shanghai, and how incredibly fast the city has transformed into what we know today. Enjoy!

Boats along the riverside of Huangpu river. From left to right, the top of the Hong-Kong & Shanghai Bank, now the headquarter of the Shanghai Municipality; Shanghai customs and its famous clock-tower; the dark spike of the Cathay Hotel at the top of the Sassoon building.

Boats and the French quay with the Bund decorating the horizon

le Bund
Well known photograph from the 30’s, with the war memorial, the quay and the Bund

quai de débarquement
The dock-landing and the bridge on slits

le Bund
Hong-Kong & Shanghai Bank with its white dome structure built in 1923; Shanghai customs building built in 1927

hôtel Cathay
Close focus on the Cathey Hotel built in 1928, now renamed Peace Hotel. Propriety of Victor Sassoon

Shanghai Mansion
The impressive silhouette of the Broadway Mansion or Shanghai Mansion and the bridge above Suzhou He, shot taken from the Central Post Office of the International Concession

sur la rivière Suzhou
An international sailing company along the Suzhou Creek

Park Hotel vu de l'hippodrome
Park Hotel, seen from the hippodrome, built in the 30’s and rising up to 86 meters high. On the right appears a race-club from the XIXth Century

Park Hotel vu des tribunes
Park Hotel, view from inside the hippodrome

rue Nankin
View from Park Hotel above the hippodrome and the grand theater

rue Nankin
Park Hotel view from the Nankin street

rue Nankin
Shanghai’s main street: Nankin Lu

rue Fuzhou
Fuzhou street

Nankin street activity

Wing On
The tramway passes by Wing On store

Wing On
Wing On store front entrance

Hamilton Building
Hamilton building built in the 30’s along Fuzhou and Jangxi streets

scène de rue
Chinese fast-food next to a dentist office

scène de rue
The dentist “office” decorated with patients teeth

scène de rue
Vendors selling apples in the streets

scène de rue
Writer, philosopher and soothsayer

scène de rue
Spices and an interested client

scène de rue
Visitors attracted by the soup

scène de rue
Or dumplings

scène de rue
Promenade during the occupation, armored vehicles along the streets

le lunch
Armored vehicles in the city, 1937

Shanghai scene
A garden in Shanghai

Garden bridge
Waibaidu, the garden bridge behind concession buildings 20’s

Garden bridge 2
Garden bridge and Suzhou Creek

bureau de poste
The clock tower of the Shanghai international concession post office

rue Fuzhou
Fuzhou street and the Shanghai Municipal Council built in 1854. Municipal administration office of the international concession

BubblingWill road
Bubbling Will road, a long street of the international concession

station meteo
Weather Report of Shanghai, astronomic and weather study building in Xujiahui

rue Montauban
Rue Montauban, Montauban General led expeditions force in the late XIXth Century

rue du Consulat
The street of the consulate

Lloyd road
Lloyd road

chinese girl-student
A postal card illustrating a Chinese girl student walking in the streets of Shanghai

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