FIDM interviews Shanghai Rebellion co-founder [CN and ENG read]


This week the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) interviews Shanghai Rebellion co-founder, get unique insights from her experience across the two continents.

When did you graduate from FIDM and what was your major?
I gradated in 2012, my major was Merchandise Marketing.


What is your current job title, and what is your company all about?
I am the co-founder of Shanghai Rebellion, a multimedia platform which cultivates Shanghai Lifestyle by introducing quality products and sharing quality content worldwide.

我现任为Shanghai Rebellion的联合创始人。Shanghai Rebellion 是一个多媒体平台,引导和传播上海文化生活,让世界各地的朋友们有机会了解到上海这座独一无二的摩都。

What does your job entail on a daily basis?
My job entails client relationship management (CRM), market research, product buying and development, hiring, strategic planning, and budget planning. Every day is a new day.

我每天的工作任务都不太一样,根据我的公司形式发展情况而调节。 客户关系管理,市场调查,产品采购和研发,雇佣员工,战略计划,预算计划,这些都包括在我的日常工作任务范围内。

After being in the industry, what are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned since graduating?
I have learned that it’s very important to have the industry knowledge and insights while working in the related industry. Especially in China, what I learned from the west helps me stand out from the crowd and allows me to offer valuable perspectives at work.

我发现在FIDM所学到的专业知识在工作中是十分有用的。特别在中国, 这些西方的知识和理念给到我一些新的独特见解和看法,这些想法和主意在工作当中是十分珍贵的,使你鹤立鸡群。

What advice do you have for graduating students who are currently interviewing?
My advice for them is to be confident and passionate about what they want to do at work. Never give up on your dreams, don’t stop trying.


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