Nike latest commercial is a kick-ass animation short [Sponsored]

Nike reveals its latest advertising campaign “Nike City Attack” based on a nervous animated film, with Shanghai’s Pudong freshly built Shanghai Tower to back it up. Enjoy!

Despite her misfortune, Xu Yun won’t let four years of marathon rejections letters stop her. Since 2012 she’s been eagerly applying to be one of the 35,000 Marathon runners, but until now, has yet to put on a bib. In 2015, all this changed though, when she ran the course without officially getting selected. Shanghai runners are unstoppable.
Produced by: Shotopop
Directed by: Richard Payne at Shotopop
Animation: Richard Payne
Dipankar Sengupta
Olly Montague
Bishoy Gendi
Design: Adam Relf
Carin Standford
Sound & Music: Tom Smith – The Sound Smiths

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