The Dark Room, new SR official retailer

The Dark Room

Get your Exclusive SR T-shirt at Dark Room, first film photography studio in China.

Enjia Mi

Why would you try on a T-shirt in a boring fitting room when you can get a whole new and exciting fitting experience in a Dark Room? Shanghai Rebellion invites you to discover film photography at Shanghai’s most famous artsy location: M50, Moganshan. This year, SR and the Dark Room partner to deliver a one of a kind fitting room experience for the curious and unbehaved citizens. Expect a lot of new projects, contests and giveaways: starting now!

The Dark Room, the room

Curiosity and passion are the two words that define well the concept of the Dark Room which combines the best of vintage photography trends with modern experiences. Those who are interested in film photography and new discoveries will love the place. You can rent a Dark Room’s film camera and learn the entire process of film photography, see below.




The Dark Room Experience

The Dark Room Experience

The Dark Room Experience

Dark Room also displays unique exhibitions from various artists and photographers and organizes themed events at Moganshan. Oldschool film projections to contemporary photography exhibition.

Dark Room Exhibition

Frame your world

Dark Room in Moganshan
Check above a short video introducing the Dark Room Experience and the area of Moganshan, M50.

Shanghai Rebellion is very happy to have partenered with Dark Room and hope to bring a lot of curious and unbehaved citizens to Moganshan: it is a must go. The location, the place, the people, all of it makes Dark Room a very unique place in Shanghai. This is your chance to get on a mysterious, retro-fresh journey, and get your SR Exclusive T-shirt: now you know where to go!

Important note: SR advises you to book the Dark Room photography course in advance.


Unit 17-107, M50 Moganshan Art District, No. 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China


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